Staff Directory

Mark Hartzheim Town Chairman 715-356-5296
Roben Haggart Town Clerk 715-356-5296
Laura Mendez Town Treasurer 715-356-5296
Abby Trapp Town Secretary 715-356-5296
John Thompson Town Supervisor 715-356-1113
Susan Heil Town Supervisor 715-588-7939
Billy Fried Town Supervisor 715-358-9447
Bill Stengl Town Supervisor 715-892-8417
Mark Pertile Dir. Public Works 715-356-5296
Dave Jaeger Chief of Police 715-356-3234
Andy Petrowski Fire Chief 715-356-4013
Mary Taylor Library Director 715-356-4437
Kitt Koski Assessor 715-356-5296
Description: The town's governing body, comprised of five elected officials (a full-time Chairman and four part-time Supervisors.)

Regular Meetings: 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 P.M., Minocqua Center Board Room (3rd Floor).

Members: Mark Hartzheim (Chair), Susan Heil, John Thompson, Billy Fried, Bill Stengl. Other elected officials: Clerk Roben Haggart, Treasurer Laura Mendez